A few words about Business Engineer
With FIFTEEN years of professional work experience including SEVEN sectors and FOUR continents what drives us is our mission to engage with B2B decision makers to solve their business issues by acting as an independent  business advisor and an extended marketing brain.  
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WE firmly believe that every business is different and face unique set of challenges hence require customization of the best practices. Moreover, business are in a constant need to re-define the next growth initiative to bring in innovation and efficiency

Business need an outside-in approach as existing team may find it difficult to bring fresh ideas for growth and improvement

Increased scale and complexity in business require professional approach before foraying into new markets, geographies or  services

Entrepreneurs feel stressed as they often lead multiple functions and lack  quality time to make strategic decisions and execution

Differentiated customer experience has been a key challenge for marketers in today’s competitive and commoditized world

To identify, assess and adopt the most cost effective technology tools for marketing, CRM and operations is a BIG challenge

Let us know YOUR unique pain points and key challenges


We help organizations to bring in fresh perspective in their sales and marketing functions through tailored marketing programs, customer advocacy and strategic advice.


Your Non-Executive Advisory Board Member for bringing change, growth and strategic issues. We work upon key strategic matters that are crucial for business owners, entrepreneurs, strategy heads and change leaders.


Official representative to drive in-field customer engagements, onsite demonstrations and market facing promotional activities. We help foreign and domestic companies expanding in India.


Outsourced marketing brain to craft, key messages, effective campaign and strategic engagements. Project based engagement in key activities related to marketing and sales ennoblement for client organization.


We help organizations to remain competitive by offering truly tailored services that perfectly suits their requirement.

Marketing Audit / Assessment

Infuse a fresh approach in business that fuels growth and abolish the counter productive activities

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Marketing Assets / Collateral

Convey the ‘real message’ through every exchange and display of creatively designed marketing literature

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Online Digital Marketing

Ensure the relevant digital and online marketing medium that builds credibility, generates leads and more advocates

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Account Development

Forge relationship, increase the share of wallet and shared vision for mutual growth

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Market Conditioning

Shorten the sales-cycle with high product awareness and reduced time to educate your customer

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Market Positioning

Re-define the positioning statement to express the differentiated value that you bring to the customer

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